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Rick Klaassen

Rick Klaassen is a very experienced trainer accredited by the German Federation (FN) and recommended   by the Rheinland Equestrian Sports Association. Its portfolio  contains  clínicas regulars in several countries (Germany, USA, Sweden, Portugal and the Netherlands), as well as courses in the German Association Riders and Riders, in Luhmühlen, Münster-Handorf and Dresden. Rick Klaassen is also a trainer recommended by the Rheinland Equestrian Sports Association.

It has the certification of Eckart Meyners (training of good position on horseback). 

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Frederico Pinteus
  • Member of "Dressage First" (organisation of equestrian events) since 2010

  • National Teaching Judge Level 3 (JN3)

  • National Judge of Working Equitation

  • 3* International Dressage Judge and Young Horse Judge

  • Equitation Coach accredited by the Portuguese Equestrian Federation (2002) and the Portuguese Institute of Sport (Grade II Coach)

  • Collaborator in the Organization of the International Lusitano Horse Festival from 1993 to 2002

  • Knight of dressage since 1996

  • Horse-ball athlete (1989-1997)

  • Team Manager of the Youth Dressage Teams at the 2017 European Championships

  • President of the Dressage Technical Commission of the Portuguese Equestrian Federation 2020-2024


2015- Integrates the "Lusitano International Dressage Team" Program, regularly participating in training given by Messrs. Daniel Pinto and Miguel Ralão
2006- Integrates the APSL sports program, regularly participating in the training given by the rider Mrs. Martina Hannover
Since 2005- Participates in sport physiology internships taught by Dr. Eckart Meyners
Since 2002- Assembles and participates in national and international competitions under the technical guidance of the German coach Mr. Rick Klaassen
1998/2001- Assembles under the technical guidance of D. José de Athayde and Mrs. Margaretha Lima Garcia
2001/2003- Integrates the staff of Monitors of the Riding School of the Portuguese Equestrian Society
2000- Monitor of the Equestrian Center of Lourinhã
1998/1999- General Secretary of the Quinta da Moura Equestrian Center - EQUITOP
1996/1997- Riding Monitor at the Qtª Riding School. from the navy
1992/1995- Teacher at Fernando Bernardo Ralão Riding School - Lumiar
1986/1992- As an amateur he continues his apprenticeship at the Picadeiro do Lumiar under the technical guidance of rider Miguel Ralão
1984- Begins learning at the Portuguese Equestrian Society under the guidance of Mr. Major Simões Pereira


Outstanding results/participations

  • Currently competes at the Intermediate A level

  • Several classifications in tests from Preliminary Grade to Intermediate I level

  • Participation in the Young Horse World Championship - Verden - 2007

  • Coach of the Junior National Champion of the years 2007 and 2009

  • Coach of the 2006 Youth National Champion

  • Coach of the 2004 U-19 National Champion


Horse Ball:

  • 15 caps for the National Horse-ball Team, the first being at age 16

  • European Club Champion in Wells (Austria) in 1995

  • National Champion in 1991/ 1992/ 1995 and 1997

  • Winner of the Portuguese Cup in 1995

  • Coach of the Children's National Champion Team in 1996



  • 3rd Place in " Jumping - Indoor Elxadai" - Elvas (1,20mt) December 1996

  • 5th place in the six-bar event in Vila Franca de Xira (1.40 mt) May 1997

Anker 3
Maria Firmo (riding school)
  • Degree in Equestrian Psychology and Sport Sciences at Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom), completed in July/2015

  • BA in Sport Horse Production, Management and Training at Nottingham Trent University (UK), completed in July/2014

  • riding instructor

  • Organization of equestrian events (Osberton and Oasby Horse Trials - Bedê Events, United Kingdom)

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Kobie Morris (riding school)
  • riding instructor

  • Organization of equestrian events (Holland, Spain and Portugal)

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Eckart Meyners
  • Member of the Commission created by the German Federation with the aim of introducing Riding as a school sport

  • Member of the Training Committee of the Hannover Equestrian Association

  • Speaker at Dressage Judge Conferences

  • Speaker at Riding Coaches Conferences

  • Speaker at conferences on better seat placement

  • Lecturer in equine management courses at "German National Riding School", at the "Westphalian Riding and Driving School Muenster-Handorf" and at "Trainer Academy" for horse riding instructors certified riding.

  • Various clinics held in most German Equestrian Associations

  • Consultant / advisor for several courses taught in Europe and USA

  • Permanent member of 'Dressage Studies'

  • Follow the training of Heike Kemmer (rider on the world champion team and gold medalist at the Olympic Games several years ago)

  • Consultant to several international riders and instructors   from the different equestrian disciplines

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